When you need professional Junk Removal Services in Dallas, TX you need to contact Dependable Dallas movers and Junk Removal Dallas. We offer several junk removal services. Please look below at our list of services and their descriptions. We serve residential and commercial customers. We provide service for the entire Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex, North Texas, including but not limited to, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Irving, Arlington, Grand Prarie, Frisco, Garland, Plano, McKinney, Richardson, Cedar Hill, Duncanville, Desoto, Mesquite, Addison, Carrollton, Farmers Branch, Allen, Lewisville Denton and anywhere in between.

Whether you need an eviction or foreclosure clean out, an attic clean out, or any Junk Removal Service, you can DEPEND on us to be punctual, professional, polite and efficient. No matter how large or small the property is, we will get the job done right! The things that our customers love most about our Junk Removal Service is our commitment to exceptional customer service, our speed, and the variety of junk removal services we provide. We always go the extra mile to help our customers. Dallas junk removal yes a piece of cake can you use dependable Dallas movers and junk removal.

Our diverse Junk Removal Services are ideal for anyone. From individuals and families tasked with home clean-outs, disposing old furniture, and full remodels, Dependable Dallas movers and junk removal provides a tailored Junk Removal Service experience for each customer because we understand every customer has specific needs. Although each experience is tailored to the needs of the customer, each experience is of the highest quality! We are the premier Junk Removal Company in Dallas-Ft. Worth. We are the guys you can DEPEND on and trust all the time, every time! We are Dependable!

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Property Clean Outs

Are you stressed out over the need to get a property cleaned out? We know that it can be a discouraging task. Don’t worry; Dependable Dallas movers and junk removal is here for you. We are the preferred junk removal provider in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex. Property Clean Outs are super easy when you hire us. We have all the necessary equipment, like trash cans, shovels, push brooms, wheel barrels, and sledge hammers, to clean out a property in a flash.

We can help you with your residential or commercial clean outs. Whether it’s a garage clean out, an attic clean out, full house, or business clean out, we have you covered. We can also clean out bank, or privately owned foreclosed properties, or eviction properties. That’s to say Dependable Dallas movers and junk removal is the best choice for property clean outs in Dallas-Ft. Worth. We got you covered!

Some of the property clean out task customers request are:

  • Sheds
  • Attics
  • Garages
  • Offices
  • Yards
  • Foreclosed homes
  • Estates
  • Hoarder situations
  • Evictions
  • Storage
  • and more!

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Appliance Removal

If you are upgrading to new appliances or your old appliances are no longer working, we can haul those appliances off for you. Dependable Dallas movers and junk removal is the number one choice for Junk Removal in the Dallas, and the entire metroplex. Appliance Removal is easy with us. We have plenty of junk removal and appliance removal experience.

We can unplug and disconnect the appliances, if needed, before hauling them off. Whether it’s a refrigerator removal, washer/dryer removal, or stove removal, freezer removal, or dishwasher removal we can take care of it for you! We have availability for same day appliance removal, so call us now! We are the best and most affordable appliance removal and junk removal company in Dallas-Ft. Worth.

We are able to remove appliances without damaging walls, scratching floors, damaging furniture or other fixtures. That’s to say we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our willingness to go the extra mile to help our customers. That’s why we offer short notice and same day junk removal and appliance removal service in Dallas-Ft. Worth. Appliances are big and bulky meaning they can be hard to move. Therefore you should call Dependable Dallas movers and junk removal and let us remove your old appliance for you! No matter what kind of appliance removal you need you can depend on Dependable Dallas movers and junk removal!

We haul off:

  • Refrigerators
  • Ovens
  • Washers & Dryers
  • Dishwashers
  • Stoves
  • Freezers
  • and more!

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Trash Removal

Do you have some bulk items or bulk trash that your garbage company will not pick up because it’s not bulk trash pick up day? Dependable Dallas movers and junk removal will take care of that for you! We provide several junk removal services and trash removal is one of them. Sometimes there is an overflow of trash maybe from a party maybe from a closet clean out a garage clean out or even an attic. In those times you have to figure out what you are going to do with all that trash sometimes your local garbage company refuses to take it. What should you do? You should call Dependable Dallas movers and junk removal. We are the best junk removal choice in Dallas-Ft. Worth. We are here to help you clean out any junk, trash, or debris.

Save your time and energy and allow us to do the lifting for you. We have the strength and experience to handle heavy objects and big bags. It doesn’t matter if the trash is downstairs, upstairs, outside in a garage, or shed; we can handle it. Eliminate the risk of getting strained muscles, smashed fingers, other injuries or even property damage, and let us haul off your bulk trash.

Unlike the garbage company, Dependable Dallas movers and junk removal will come inside your residence and remove your bulk trash, if necessary. We want to help you remove the clutter and say goodbye to that cumbersome trash. We are committed to making the process very easy for you. We are the most affordable and dependable trash removal company in Dallas-Ft. Worth. Give us a call today to get a free quote! Dependable Dallas movers and junk removal can remove just about anything!

Some of our popular removal requests are:

  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Mattresses
  • Lawnmowers
  • Water Heaters
  • Yard Debris
  • Old Carpet
  • Old Sports Equipment
  • Dog housess
  • Tires
  • and more!

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Furniture Removal

Getting rid of old furniture can be a pain, you’re disposing of it, but you can’t just throw it on the curb like regular trash. Yea bulk trash pick up comes but its too infrequent. Thats a conundrum. That’s where we come in! Furniture removal is one of the primary junk removal services we provide in Dallas-Ft. Worth. Whether it’s a couch, a mattress, dining room table or any other furniture piece, we’ve got you covered. You don’t have to figure out how to get it out your residence or where to take it. Leave the lifting and thinking to us! We’ve got you covered.

We’re the Dallas junk removal specialist you can depend on and trust for the removal of unwanted furniture in Dallas Ft worth. So don’t waste your time looking any further. We are committed to providing an efficient and easy service experience for all of our customers. Sometimes we’re even available for sameday service.

We know how time consuming it can be to remove furniture by yourself, We also understand that no one wants to break their bank account paying for junk removal services. We pride ourselves on our fair, reasonable pricing for our junk removal services. So When you need a furniture removal service in Dallas Ft Worth that you can depend on to offer you great service at an affordable price, Dependable Dallas movers and junk removal is the way to go!

Some of our popular furniture removal request are:

  • Couch removal
  • Sofa removal
  • Love seat removal
  • Recliner removal
  • Table removal
  • Desk removal
  • Chair removal
  • Dresser remova
  • Chest removal
  • Bed frame removal
  • Headboard removal
  • Mattress removal
  • Office furniture removal
  • Hot tubs
  • And more!

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Junk Removal Near Dallas, Texas

Moving is not a fun or easy task. There is a slew of factors that go into making sure the move goes off without a hitch (trailer pun intended.) The thing that no one talks about when it’s moving time is what is not coming with them to their new humble abode. No one realizes how much junk they have accrued over the years in their soon-to-be old home. Luckily, our company will help you locate professional junk removal companies in Dallas, Texas as well as across the nation!

What is a Junk Removal Company?

Many junk removal companies will take the stress off your shoulders and the pressure off your lower back, with their straightforward junk removal and hauling services. Junk removal companies treat your items with consideration and respect, and go the extra league to guarantee all of their customers have a stress-free junk pick-up and junk removal experience. You can rest painless knowing professional junk removal companies will handle all your items efficiently and discreetly.

When Should I Hire a Junk Removal Company?

Most people employ junk removal specialty companies when they are preparing to move into a new home. However, that is not the only time clients should request the aid of a junk removal company. Many other customers employ junk removal companies for the following:

  • Attic Cleanouts
  • Residential Home Junk Removal
  • Storage Unit Cleanouts
  • Garage Cleanouts
  • Hoarding Help
  • Basement Cleanouts
  • Property Cleanouts
  • Commercial Office Cleanouts

What Items Qualify as ‘Junk?’

Many junk removal companies provide the solution to your residential and retail junk removal and recycling necessities. Whether you’re relocating headquarters or moving into a new abode, our team of licensed, local movers and junk removal experts are ready to handle all of the heavy hauling, loading, and recycling that comes with scrubbing out your chaotic space. Believe it or not, there is a multitude of items that we can take off of your hands. Some of these include:

Furniture: Naturally, our team can help you get rid of furniture not deemed good enough for your new space. Some of these types of furniture include Couches, Sectionals, Sofas, Bed Frames, Love Seats, Mattresses, Box Springs, Tables & Chairs of many kinds, Chest of Drawers, Chests, Living RoomTables, Nightstands, and Bookcases.

Appliances: Many junk removal specialists are trained to remove household and commercial appliances. Some of these include Ovens, Ranges, high-efficiency Washers and Eco-Friendly Dryers, Refrigerators, Deep Freezers, Window Air Conditioning Units Dusty Ceiling Fans, Outdated Water Heaters, and Dishwashers

Carpeting: You never realize just how important carpet pulling is until it’s time to get some new carpet or rugs. Our junk removal pros will gladly remove your Spacious Rugs, Outdoor Rugs, Floor surfaces, Stain Resistant Burbur, Loop/Cut Loop Carpets, Nylon Or Polyester Carpets, Olefin-styled Carpeting, Outdated Shag Carpeting (yeah, baby!)

Scrap Metal: Back in the day, scrap metal removal was the EPITOME of junk removal. Today, it is an afterthought. A reminder of humble beginnings. Our team can safely remove corrugated metal roofing, aluminum & steel house siding, lawn rimming, elemental flashing, Cast iron cookware (rusted or not), copper piping, Metal fencing, and metal wirings such as copper wire or aluminum wire.

Tires: Disposing of tires is not easy. Our junk removal professionals will trash (or recycle) all types of tires. Whether they are out-of-round or out of tread, our junk removal specialists will rid the tires for you with no problem!

Basement Cleanout: cleaning out the attic as well as the basement is a mundane practice we specialize in! Let our professionals empty all of those forgotten and seasonal items locked away in the basement. No need to clutter up the new diggs with those items that are retaining that good old-fashioned basement smell. We are joking.

Office Equipment: Our junk removal professionals specialize in private and commercial junk tossing. With the latter in mind, we will junk your old fax machines, company phones, commercial copiers, big boy printers, desks, chairs, cubicle dividers, and everything else that once made your business run efficiently.

Renovation Debris: Did you just have the house remodeled or renovated? We can help with the cleanup after renovations as well! remodels and renovations are not easy tasks. Naturally, these tasks generate a multitude of debris, dust, and trash. Let our junk removal specialists assist you with the cleanup after the housing upgrade!

Storage Sheds: People always forget how much of their junk is in the shed until it is time to move or get rid of it. Our professional junk removers will many of the contents stored in the typical storage shed.

Electronics: Let’s face it: that Super Nintendo and Atari Jaguar Video Game System are tinkers of the distant past. It’s time to trash those broken relics that we associate with our childhood. Our junk removal specialist will safely discard (or recycle) all of your junk electronics. It’s 2022 and 2023 is around the corner; It’s time to let go of those Compaq desktops with floppy drives. Honestly, what are you gonna do with a computer with a maximum RAM of 4MB (yes, kids. Megabytes.)

Exercise Equipment: At one point in time, you were the KING of the Bowflex. Nowadays, that contraption is gathered dust and probably is no longer safe to use. The same sentiment goes for the StairMaster in the attic, the rusted benchpress set, and the missing dumbells. Our junk removal professionals will aid you in getting all of that outdated and hazardous equipment out of your space

TV Disposal: We know, we can’t keep up with the change in TV technology every year either. However, we know that your ‘fatback’ TV is not coming back into style anytime soon. The cathode rays and progressive scanning technology just aren’t in anymore. There is no need to hang on to the Magnavox with the Vitrola Record Player anymore. Let our Junk Removal professional rid you of the technology of old.

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